The selection of Slashers manufactured by Performance 3000 Development are not only of the highest quality, but are also available in different sizes to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for.  The sizes range from 1.3m up to 3m


Heavy duty, evolved from farmer use our slasher was developed and manufactured in South Africa

All our slashers includes a PTO Shaft with a clutch.

Slasher cutting height ranges from 40mm to 175mm. Standard factory setting is 100mm

All parts are replaceable.

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Slasher skid height adjustment .jpg


Designed to make the height adjustment simple and effective so the operator can adjust the skid height without any help.
After the Slasher is attached to the tractor simply release the skid frame bolts and use the tractors lift to raise the slasher to your desired height and re-tighten the bolts with minor adjustments with hand.



With a lot of operators failing to lift the Slashers when making sharp turns we simply made our Slashers heavy duty so you don't have to worry about the operator bending the main frame.


Special formulated gearbox lubricant to ensure a long lasting gearbox.


All of our Slashers from 1.3m to 1.8m comes with 4 blades fitted on a round disc that helps absorb impact from heavier objects. The blades can rotate 360° so it can swing around when hitting heavy objects other than grass.
The 3m slasher comes fitted with 2 blades per disc (2 discs and 2 blades per disc) as it is counter rotating so that the blades can overlap in the middle.
Slasher cutting height ranges from 40mm to 175mm. Standard factory setting 100mm


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